History of IRSA

Beginning in 1975, the Indiana Recreational Sports Association (IRSA) has provided an opportunity for Recreational Sports professionals and students to exchange ideas at the state level. IRSA became an official National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) State Association in 1991.

IRSA Constitution

Chronological listing of the IRSA Conference:

1975-Southport Middle School, Indianapolis

1976-Southport Middle School, Indianapolis

1977-Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

1978-Purdue University

1979-No Conference

1980-Indiana University, Bloomington

1981-Central State Hospital, Indianapolis

1982-Valparaiso University

1983-Indiana University, Bloomington

1984-Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

1985-Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

1986-Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

1987-Vincennes University

1988-Indiana University, Bloomington

1989-Purdue University

1990-Indiana State University

1991-Valparaiso University

1992-Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne

1993-Indiana University, Bloomington

1994-Ball State University

1995-University of Notre Dame

1996-University of Evansville

1997-Indiana State University

1998-Indiana University, Bloomington

1999-Purdue University

2000-University of Notre Dame

2001-Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

2002-University of Southern Indiana

2003-Ball State University

2004-Valparaiso University

2005-Vincennes University

2006-Indiana University, South Bend

2007-Butler University

2008-University of Notre Dame

2009-Indiana State University

2010-Ball State University

2011-University of Southern Indiana

2012-Valparaiso University

2013-Purdue University

2014-Butler University

2015-Indiana University, Bloomington

2016-Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

2017-Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

2018-University of Notre Dame

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