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Nominations and Elections

                 IRSA Nominations and Elections Committee

Committee Responsibilities

Purpose: To present nominees for elected professional offices (President, Vice President and Secretary) to the membership and conduct the election at the IRSA State Workshop during even years. To present nominees for State Student Representative to the student membership and conduct the election at the IRSA State Workshop every year.

1. Secure written permission from the nominee to place their name in nomination.

2. Present at least two nominees for each office at the State Workshop.

3. Be responsible for compiling picture and vitae sheet for each candidate and submit candidate summaries for the IRSA website which immediately precede the election.

4. Be responsible for informing all candidates for office that they will be asked to give a five minute presentation at the IRSA State Workshop.

5. Distribute, collect and count the ballots for the annual election.

6. Develop suggestions and recommendations regarding the processes that IRSA might use to encourage more members to seek leadership positions within IRSA. Develop guidelines that will continue to give consideration to the recruitment and development of women and minority candidates. Submit recommendations to the President annually.

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Committee Chair

Hollie Power, Professional – Indiana State University

Committee Members


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