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                 IRSA Historian

Historian Responsibilities

  • Maintain the historical files of the association on the state google documents account.
  • Keep material produced by the association throughout the year. For example, workshop brochures and publicity flyers.
  • Document chapter achievements through the year. For example, awards won.
  • Every quarter, update the downloadable online association history and make sure its posted on the web site.
  • Provide historical information to members at the state workshop and NIRSA as needed. For example, all the newsletter awards won by the association over the years.
  • Periodically, write articles for the newsletter about the history of the association.
  • Take, collect and post pictures of association meetings, workshops and NIRSA events.
  • Attend each Board meeting, workshop, Lead On, and NIRSA conference, if possible. If you cannot attend, submit a report to the President beforehand on your committees activities and who is going to coordinate your responsibilities at the event.

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