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Executive Board

PRESIDENT; Nomination form
Andy Fry; Professional, Indiana University

Oversees all activities of the IRSA.  Serves as ex-officio member of all IRSA committees.  Directs activities of Executive Committee.


  • Conducts meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee
  • Approves expenditures by Association
  • Serves as state representative to NIRSA
  • Collaborates with NIRSA Region III Vice President
  • Works with state workshop host to organize event
  • Recommends to membership IRSA Committee assignments
  • Organizes IRSA Outstanding Student Award program
  • Contributes to IRSA website

VICE PRESIDENT; Nomination form
Eric Kammeyer; Professional, Butler University


  • Coordinate state membership
  • Recruit and advertise efforts for the IRSA
  • Maintain a mailing list of the Association’s membership
  • Keep minutes for all IRSA business meetings and Executive Committee meetings
  • Publish quarterly IRSA Newsletter (via website)
  • Assist the President in his/her duties as assigned
  • Be able to assist and promote efforts for the IRSA to other state and national organization

TREASURER; Nomination form
Beth Lohman; Professional, Butler University


  • Open, administer and maintain IRSA fiscal account
  • Pay appropriate debits and deposit dues and other credits
  • Process membership applications and maintain membership database
  • Prepare balance sheets and Treasurer’s reports for state meetings, designated newsletters, and other appropriate occasions

; Nomination form
Drew Ison, Graduate Student, Indiana University


  • Meet with the IRSA Executive Committee at state, regional and national conferences
  • Meet with the IRSA Executive Committee throughout the year for progress reports and other state business
  • Conduct student informational meetings at regional and state conferences
  • Make a presentation at the Region III Student Lead On Conference concerning state progress
  • Produce the student article for all IRSA newsletters detailing any information that may affect student members
  • Establish and maintain professional and student Engagement Coordinators at each institution in the state
  • Contact Engagement Coordinators every 2-3 weeks with relevant state information (i.e. tournaments, events on campuses, officials exchanges)
  • Inform Region III Student Representative of any pertinent information from the state of Indiana
  • Produce articles for the Region III Newsletter when assigned by the Region III Student Representative
  • Assist with the Region III Student Lead On conference along with the Regional Student Leadership Team by running the pre-conference activities for students alongside the Lead In portion for professionals


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